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gr 12 chem

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true or false- correct/explain those that is false

Benzene is generally more reactive than alkanes and less reactive than alkenes because of the bonding in its aliphatic ring

The polymer produced from polymerization of H2NCH2COOH is......?

Write out the formula/equation
The preparation of a 2-pentanone from an alcohol

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    I generally agree with #1 as true; however, "bonding in its aliphatic ring" is completely out of touch so I would answer false. Bonding in benzene definitely is NOT aliphatic in nature.

    #2 and #3 aren't true/false questions. What do you think about them?

  • gr 12 chem -

    ohh sorry i meant the first one is true and false.

    for #2 and #3 i am stuck

  • gr 12 chem -

    For polymerization of glycine, look in your notes or text for its use in the formation of proteins.
    Look in your notes in your text for the preparation of alcohols. One common method is to hydrate an alkene. One can start with CH3CH2CH2CH=CH2 and hydrate it.

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