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How much heat (in kJ)is required to convert 2.565kg of liquid sulfur dioxide at the boiling point to a gas at 60C?
BP of SO2 is -10C and delta H vap is 25.73kJ/mol. Specific heat capacity of the gas is 0.622 J/g*K

I don't know what formula to use to calculate this problem??

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    I'm sure this will look familiar after you see it.
    You remember the heat to raise the temperature of ice from -50 to steam at 300 C. This is done the same way.

    q1 = heat to vaporize liquid SO2 at it boiling point.
    q1 = mass liquid SO2 x heat vaporization.

    q2 = heat to move vapor SO2 from its boiling point to 60 C.
    q2 = mass vapor SO2 x specific heat SO2 gas x (Tfinal-Tinitial)

    Total heat = q1 + q2
    Watch the units. I would keep everything in grams and joules, then convert to the unit I wanted at the end after adding q1 and q2.

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