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You are in a group that feels very cohesive,so cohesive that it seems to agree readily at every step of project,without any lengthy discussion or conflicy.Sometimes you don't agree with decisions,but you do not say anything.Which of the following is the MOST probable situation?
a)One person in the group has such good ideas that no one can disagree with that person
b)No one in the group can think of any really good reasons NOT to adopt the ready-made decision
c) Members of the group value agreement so much that dissenters feel incapable of speaking out.
d)The decisions made are bed,but no one relly cares

  1. Ms. Sue

    Groups vary a lot, but your answer is probably best.

  2. vedrana


  3. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome, Vedrana. :-)

  4. PsyDAG

    This one of the rare situations when I disagree with Ms.Sue. There is strong social pressure to agree with the group, even if individuals have different ideas. There is a phenomenon called groupthink that relates to this question.

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