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Some people can have really bad traits such as being dishonest, mean, strict, bossy, dirty, etc.

What stereotypes about men are reinforced about these images?

These types of people could easily tarnish their own reputations. Men with these types of characteristics would thought to be disgusting and they would get really bad labels as well. Such as hores, geeks, etc. Not many females would want to be near such men.

Other opinions on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    I don't know your definition of "hores," but it doesn't seem to belong here.

    A few more stereotypes -- crooks, charlatans, dictators.

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    People in my school tend to call guys that are irresponsible hores, and all these other types of labels, it is really bad :-(. Is my answer overall good, any other information would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Could you aslo take a look at my other previous post:-)

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    Ms. Sue, I've responded back

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