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What roles have politicians, Muslim groups, Christian groups, and others played in the development of this image?

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    What image?

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    The image of Muslim Americans and Arab Americans in the U.S. today.

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    What is that image?

    I think you're trying to address stereotyping or profiling here, and I also think you need to be more specific in your wording.

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    Consider the image of Muslim Americans and Arab Americans in the U.S. today.
    What roles have politicians, Muslim groups, Christian groups, and others played in the development of this image?

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    I apologize yes that is what i am talking about. What roles have politicians, Muslim groups, Christian groups and others plaued the the development of stereotyping and profiling in America today.

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    As Writeacher asked -- What is that image?

    The image of Muslim-and Arab-Americans in my community is a part of the mix of this city that includes, blacks, Asians, whites, Native Americans, Christians, Jews, and atheists. The Muslim woman who is hired by my housing complex to fix delicious meals wears a head scarf. So? Some women always wear skirts; others wear jeans; some wear hats; others are bareheaded. They are all equal members of my community.

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    What stereotyping? Who is telling you that Muslims are stereotyped here?

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    There are people in America who have stereotyped Muslim America because of 9/11, the shooting in Texas and the bomb scare on the flight around Christmas. Besides it is just a question

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    Christians have also been guilty of terrorist acts -- shootings all over and especially the Oklahoma City bombing. Christians have killed doctors who perform abortions. But logical people chalk these horrors up to a very tiny minority and don't condemn all Christians for the acts of a few.

    What people do YOU know who stereotype Muslim-Americans?

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    Never Mind it is obvious that you cannot answer the question and help with this assignment. I am not a racist person but with people like you out there that are defensive for no reason it is a wonder that I am not. This was a question for my ETH class not a debate about politics and racism

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    Anon, I'm still not clear on what your question is. Let me know if I'm interpreting it right or not.

    Does the question mean this?
    What have politicians, Muslim groups, Christian groups, and others(<~~who are these "others"?) done to promote negative stereotyping and profiling of specific ethnic or religious groups in America today?

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    I'm sorry I upset you. In the last few years I've seen this and similar questions come from what I believe to be an Axia class. It seems to me that this one class makes an assumption that is not warranted. Whoever devised this curriculum has an ax to grind. Have your assigned readings documented racism and stereotyping aimed at Muslim- and Arab-Americans?

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    Yes it has and so have the different news stories out there. I disagree with you, the person that writes these circulums does not have an ax to grind, they are just doing what they are supposed to and whether you want to believe it or not, there are people out there that are afraid of Muslims because of the terrorist attacks here in america and overseas. So before you go accusing an instructor of being racist maybe you better open your eyes and try paying more attention to what is going on in America. People are afraid.

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    Anon, focus!!

    What is the question asking of you?

    Do you have to write an essay on this topic? Or simply a one-paragraph response?

    Please let us know exactly what your question about this assignment is so we can help you with it.

    Yes, you are right. There are "people out there" who are afraid of certain groups of people. Stereotyping and profiling is definitely going on. It shouldn't be, but it is ... not by everyone, but by many.

    So ... are you clear on the question you're being asked? And are you clear on how you will write up your response? Or do you have questions about the assignment and/or how to go about responding?

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    Sorry about that Writeacher. I like my instructor and she is not racist, she just wants us to think about our assignments and take time with them. The question is a discussion question and I have done all the reading for it but have not been able to come up with a good answer. The question was posted just like this.
    Consider the image of Muslim Americans and Arab Americans in the U.S. today.
    What roles have politicians, Muslim groups, Christian groups, and others played in the development of this image?
    So I think she just wants us to answer it as to how each one of the different people have helped to cause the image of Muslim Americans and Arab Americans in the U.S. today. Thank you

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    OK, then ... this is how I would prepare:

    1. Take 3 or 4 sheets of paper, and label each one at the top:


    Muslim groups

    Christian groups

    _______________ <~~you choose something for here

    Then I'd go into different newspapers' websites, especially the opinion sections, and search -- use the keywords out of your topic to conduct your searches. For example, I went into and entered these words in the search box at the top right: profiling muslims Many links to different articles and editorials came up. Read through as many as you can and take copious notes on the page you have set aside for Muslim groups.

    Do the same type of thing for the other pages. Use the same newspaper site or use different newspapers and run the same searches in several of them. You can find lots of newspapers here:

    Keep your notes AND write up your own summary for each of the groups you are focusing on. Use both your notes and your summary during the discussion.

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