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I need some help. I am doing a one day journal on how the federal and state bureaucracy affects my daily life. Can someone please give me several examples? I have a few things in mind, like the food I eat and how it is inspected by the FDA.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Are there rules and laws in effect when you drive your car or use public transportation?

    What types of things do you pay taxes on when you go shopping? What types of things do you not have to pay taxes on? (sales taxes mostly)

    This coming Sunday, we will all be affected by a law that Congress passed. Do you know what it controls?

    Keep on thinking!

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    I just got my mail.
    I am trying to figure out my Income tax

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    When I went out to the store I had to stop at a state-mandated stop light. As I passed the fire-police station, I was glad that it was so close by. My Social Security check was deposited in my account a few days ago.

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    Oh! Thank you so much. You all have helped me think further into it. I never even thought about taxes, and that should have been the first thing that went off in my head! Now, I see what it is looking for.

    Writeacher- I am not aware of the law that will be in affect this Sunday. I am curious to know what it is. Will you spill it? I am going to do some research on it, too.

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    Another question, I take vitamins and supplements. Does the FDA regulate those?

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    Ok, and one more.. I workout every weekday. Would there be anything involved in that? I am sure there is, just finding out what it is. Some safety something maybe?

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