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1)The branches of rivers within a delta are called:(a)tributaries(b)confluences(c)distributaries(d)meanders

2)All of the following are conditions that m,ust be met so that deltas may form except:(a)steep drop in the sea floor(b)area protected from strong ocean currents(c)shallow seas(d)substantial river load reaching the sea

3)One of the most recent benefits of the mountaneous region of some Caribbean islands,with their numerous rivers is:(a)logging and recreation(b)miniong for fold and water sports(c)eco-tourism and recreationn(d)hiking and hunting

4)The wide looping curves which are formed along parts of courses os some rivers are called:(a)meanders(b)flood plains(c)river bluffs(d)ox-bow lakes

5)natural banks which are sometimes built up by a river along edges of its channel are called:(a)river bluffs(b)river cliffs(c)levees(d)slip-off slopes

6)A delta is a :(a)wide river mouth wehere tides are experienced(b)long narrow arm of the sea from the submergence of a glaciated valley(c)fan-shaped piecve of land at the mouth of a river,resulting from deposition by the river(d)funnel-shaped drowned river valley

7)What causes deferred junctions on rivers flood plains?:(a)swamps(b)ox-bow lakes(c)raised river beds(d)river cliffs

8)Which of the following is correct sequence in the formation of an ox-bow lake?:(a)meander,cut-off,narrow of neck of meander,flooding(b)meander,narrow neck of meander,flooding,cut-off(c)cxut-off,flooding,narrow neck of meander,meander(d)narrow neck of meander,cut-off,flooding,meander

9)Why would residents continue to live on the flood plain of rivers?:(i)flood occfurs on an annual basis(ii)floods occur on monthly basis(iii)there is ease of communication on flat lands(iv)there is less need for irrigation of fields
(a)i and ii(b)i and iii(c)ii and iii(d)i and iv

10)Rivers in the Caribbean are used for all of the following except(a)transport(b)electricity(c)recreatioin(d)irrigation

11)The upper course of river hav the best potential for:(a)irrigate fields(b)supply domestic water(c)transport logs(d)communication gaps

12)The features shown by contours is:(a)an escarpment(b)a river valley(c)a spur(d)a ridge


    You need to look up the different terms at one of these websites. Then let us know what YOU THINK each answer is, and someone here will let you know if you're correct or not.


    I think 1,2,6,7 12 are A
    3,4,11 are B
    9 and 10 are d


    1 - no
    2 - yes
    3 - spelling is weird; I don't understand all the choices
    4 - yes
    5 - What's the difference between a and b?
    6 - no
    7 - no -
    8 - ??
    9 - re-think
    10 - no
    11 - Not sure; a and c could be true, too.
    12 - Not sure; could be b and d also.


    3. I believe is correct.
    4. I think this is wrong.
    5. wrong
    9. I believe d is correct.

    I agree with the rest of Writeacher's answers.

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