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How do I go about in solving this?

A spy satellite is in circular orbit around Earth. It makes one revolution in 6.01 hours.
(a) How high above Earth's surface is the satellite?
___ km

(b) What is the satellite's acceleration?

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    (a) Set the centripetal force equal to the gravity force on the satellite, and solve for R, the distance from the center of the earth.

    G*M*m/R^2 = m V^2/R

    M is the mass of the Earth and G is the universal constant of gravity. The satellite mass m cancels out.

    Once you have R, subtract the Earth's radius (Re) from that to get the altitude. You will need the speed V of the satellite. Express V in terms of the orbit radius (R) and the period (6.01 hours). Make sure the period is in seconds.

    (b) The acceleration is V^2/R. Use the R and V that you get from part (a)

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