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I was told in class to find a piece of "biased writing" and use the knowledge about critical thinking. how would i know whether an article is biased?

really confused. also, it's a 1000 word essay, so it'd be really nice to get answer!

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    Look for anything written by a person with a strong political or religious message.

    As you evaluate these articles, consider what you've learned in this critical thinking class.

    One good place to find biased writing is in newspaper's op ed page, especially editorials and columnists.

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    what do you mean by newspaper's op ed page?

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    In the essay, I have to demonstrate that I recognize logical fallacies, but I don't understand how I can write that much about a message of somebody else when they have written so little. there's just nothing else to speak of, and I only have 500 words

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    The op-ed section of a newspaper is often also called the Opinion section. It's where the opinions, letters, and editorials are.
    See the word OPINION near the top right? That section will have the opinion pieces in it.
    Here, OPINION is in the list on the left.
    Do you see it here?

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    Look in the list at the right to find different types of fallacies.

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    that's helps a whole lot! thanks so much Ms Sue and Writeacher! :D

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