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i really don't understand these sentences.... the instructions are to edit the following sentences to eliminate problems with s and ed verb forms and with omitted verbs, if a sentence is correct, write correct after it. ,,,, Sentence one: Have there ever been a time n your life when you were to depressed to get out of bed?

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    The instructions state that you are to correct the sentence.

    Has there ever been a time in your life when you were too depressed to get out of bed?

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    my days in this department have taught me to do what i'm told without asking questions.... is this correct?

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    The verbs are correct. The punctuation is wrong.

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    meaning/ im lost

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    Sorry. I should have said the capitalization is wrong.

    My . . . I'm .

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    ok... how about this sentence..... We have changed our plan and are waiting out the storm. is this correct...?

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    Yes. That's correct.

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    and this one......Winter training for search-rescue divers consist of building up a tolerance to icy water temperatures....

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    Winter training is the subject -- and it's singular. It needs a singular verb -- CONSISTS.

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    what about this sentence..... How would you feel if a love one had been a victim of a crime like this?

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    Since in this sentence "loved" is an adjective, you need to use the participle, LOVED.

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    is this correct...... a strange sound was made in the willow tree by the monkey that had escaped from the zoo.... the directions were to revise any weak unemphatic sentences by replacing be verbs or passive verbs with active alternatives.

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