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There are two conducting spheres of different sizes, both with the same negative charge. If they are connected with a conducting wire, the charge would therefore flow from the smaller to the larger. Am I correct? Thanks!

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    Let's see. You say the charge is negative. That is true, since with metal conducting spheres, it is the electrons that are free to move. The smaller sphere will have a larger negative potential (Q/r) at the surface, initially. Electrons will flow to the less negatively charged larger sphere.

    Think of it this way. On the smaller sphere, the free electrons are closer together. They will repel each other and go to the larger sphere to increase the distance between them.

    You are correct!

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    a proton is projected into a magnetic field that is directed along the positive x-axis. find the direction of the magnetic force exerted on the proton for cach of the following directions of the protons velocity

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