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I have to record observations for every main character on "The Simpsons", like the satirical characteristics, then I have to describe the comments or criticism made about society through the character.

When I watched the season 10 episode "Lisa gets an A", I couldn't find the characteristics at all.

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    If there are no characteristics in each character, they would all look the same, talk the same, think the same, etc.

    Learn the meaning of the term "character trait" and start listing what you find for each character.

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    But I want to figure out the satirical characteristics of the entire Simpsons family during the episode "Lisa Gets an A", and know the comments or criticism made about society through the character.

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    I haven't ever watched the Simpsons, so can't help you there, but until you have a list of ALL the actions, looks, etc., for each character, you cannot begin on what you want to do.

    Basics first -- then analyze.

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    You could also go to Google and enter this:

    satire in "the simpsoons" (including those quotation marks)

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