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Perimeter of a right angled trangle is 40 cm. Hypotenus is 17cm. Find the area.
Urgent help required. Thanks in advance

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    ..which would leave 40-17 or 23 as the sum of the other two legs
    Let one leg be x, then the other is 23-x

    x^2 + (23-x)^2 = 17^2
    x^2 + 529 - 46x + x^2 = 289
    2x^2 - 46x + 240 = 0
    x^2 - 23x + 120 = 0
    (x-15)(x-8) = 0
    x = 15 or x = 8

    if one leg is 15, the other is 23-15 = 8 and vice versa.

    Area = (1/2)base x height
    = (1/2)(15)(8) = 60

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