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I have a bar graph that shows the number of students by major in the College of Arts and Science.

Math shows 200 students
History shows 300 students
English shows 400 students
Science shows 150 students
Other shows 175 students

What percent of students in the college are history majors (to the nearest tenth of a percent)?

- I would take the total number of students divided by the history students number, right

Would it be 200+300+400+150+175= 1225
Then 1225 divided by 300=4.083
Then I would move the decimal over two places. Am I on the right track?

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    no, you are dividing the wrong way.

    you have to divide 300 by 1225 ,not 1225/300 the way you have it

    300/1225 = .24489

    now you move your decimal 2 places to the right to get 24.5%

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    I see. I understand. I was wondering why I was getting such a weird number. Thank you!!

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