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1. Sponges
a. are nonsymmetrical and have oscula
b. lack organization into tissues and organs but have specialized cells
c. possess cells that are capable of recognizing other sponge cells and have a simple digestive system
d. both a and b
I'm so confused on this question, because I think it's all of them...?

7. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of mollusks?
a. pseudocoelomate body plan
b. bilateral symmetry
c. complete digestive tract
d. heavy fold that forms the outer body layer

8. Both mollusks and annelids
a. have true coeloms
b. have closed circulatory systems
c. have well-developed respiratory systems
d. carry out asexual reproduction


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    MC, this is the third time today that you've posted these questions.

    As you know, we Jiskha tutors try hard to answer all questions. It should be obvious to you now that we do not have biology experts who are familiar with the biology curriculum you're following.

    Since you're being home schooled, your parents or the teachers in your home-school program are in a much better position to help you than we are.

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