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In a DBQ essay, do you give reference to the documents you used at the end of the paragraph? Or do you reference them at the end of a sentence in the middle of your paragraph?


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    I have no idea, never having heard of DBQ essays before, but you may find an answer to your question in these search results.

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    It is easiest to include it in the paragraph. For example: As seen in Document 1...OR As seen in the photograph b of document 3....OR As Stated in document 5....This is a very easy way to reference the document and easy for the teacher to grade the paper since it is clear you know where you obtained the information. GOOD LUCK!

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    actually if you state the documents out like that, you LOSE points and wont be able to go in the expanded core. just say "so and so stated this" and then in parentheses, say the document number. believe me ive been doing this without knowing, and my ap teacher just told me the other day not to do that. hope it helps.

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