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Universe and Stars

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As u look at the stars that re beyond and farther away, what occurs to the angle measured at earth? at what point will this method no longer work?

Someone please help explain

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    I am not quite sure what you are asking, but it seems to be related to the "parallax" method of measuring star distances.

    As the earth moves around the sun, we look at stars from different angles, and the "nearby" stars appear to move back and forth by a very small angle compared to the stars that are much farther away. A complete back-and-forth cycle takes one year. The apparent motion of a star can be used to compute its distance, if it is close enough to be able to measure the effect. The method is only accurate for stars within about 50 light years. Stars farther away move by an amount too small to measure.

  • Universe and Stars -

    thank you drwls,Yes, I was referring to Parallax, :-):);)

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