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Earlier Yesterday. I was talking to Bobpursely,Writeacher,Ms. Sue and more i think. We were talking about my essay what was the impact of the Industrial Revolution. One of you told me to write an outline. Well this is a start. Can you tell me if it is good. And make suggestions. Thanks

Title:What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution

. Introduction A. Background and Thesis statement. If you do not know the impact of the Industrial revolution, you will not understand anything in this essay. This topic is very good to study because you know about the different views. By the end of the essay you will understand that life was different before the Revolution and after. You will know that not all the changes took place immediately, the changed occurred at different speeds. There are also areas that did not change.

Subtopic: Before the Industrial Revolution

. News was spread by travellers or through messengers goods. 1. there were no cars, buses or aeroplanes. People had to rely upon themselves and their communities to provide the things that they needed. Food was produced locally, agriculture could provide for but a few towns. Clothing was also made locally.

2. Before the Industrial revolution were there any issues with the Polictical,Social,Economic and Technogical areas? B. There weren’t as many problems with people and their social life.The working class had a few rights and children worked in pretty good conditions. They were housed well. Child labour existed before the Industrial revolution; it dates back to prehistoric times. They felt that they were helping the poor working class children to work from the age of five years onward. Children were working at night and hardly got to see their parents. Life was a constant battle. Education was poor; the rich had several advantages such as Private tutors and Nannies.

1. Politics was based upon land ownership. The population was growing which meant that the feudal system was long gone. People were relying on each other and their master. 2. Subtopic First Point Supporting Evidence Supporting Evidence Second Point Supporting Evidence Supporting Evidence

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    It looks as if you're already writing the rough draft!! This isn't an outline, though.

    Take a look here:

    An outline is like a skeleton, in a way. You organize the main facts and supporting details you need WITHOUT WRITING FULL SENTENCES AND PARAGRAPHS in order to see at a glance how you plan to organize your thoughts.

    Please just give us the skeleton.

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