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World War I
1. The alliance system was supposed to prevent war, but it turned a local conflict into a general European war. Why did it fail so badly?
2. World War I cost Germany and other European countries on an economic and a social level. How were people's everyday lives affected by the devastation of the war?
3. French writer Paul Valery wrote, "We do not know what will be born, and we fear the future." Why do you think Europeans feared the future after World War I?

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    1. The alliance system didn't prevent a nation from attacking another one. It just brought more nations into the war.

    2. So many men were seriously wounded and killed, that it took a generation to replace them. Also the countries involved with the war were broke and couldn't start new industries.

    3. Your turn. What do you think?

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    Not sure if I'm right, but I think that they probably feared for the future to come after world war one, because after seeing such a disastrous event taking place; who knows if there could be more disasters to come.

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