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I have a test soon. If you can help me with these questions, that would be great.

1. Define and describe the following.

a)Alkaline - metal - base
b)Corrosive - burn/eat away - acid
c)Caustic - harsh - both? (acid + base)
d)Low pH - 0-6.99 - acid

Please check my answers and correct me if I'm wrong.

2. What is the typical pH of the following?

a)Pure water - 7 pH
b)Normal rainwater - 7 pH
c)Acid precipitation - 5.6 pH
d)Human blood - 7.3-7.5 pH
e)Human saliva - 6.5-7.4 pH

Check my answers and provide feedback if wrong.

3. Classify each of the following compounds as organic or inorganic by examining their formulas.

a)CH3OH - organic
b)Mg(HC2O4)2 - organic
c)SiC - organic
d)Na2CO3 - organic
e)FeBr3 - inorganic
f)CH4 - organic
g)NH3 - inorganic
h)CO - inorganic

Please check my answers and correct me if there are mistakes.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your assistance.

  • Chemistry (URGENT) -

    3> There is no "official" nor universal definition of organic compounds.
    Go with your text, but remember texts vary.

    Most would not consider as organic the following:
    sodium carbonate
    silicon carbide
    There is a great debate over CO, but most consider it inorganic.

    Remember, don't argue with your teacher on these, as there is no universal agreement, so you will lose.

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