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Castor brought 6 3/4 cakes to share with 26 students. Did Castor bring enough for each student to have 1/4 of a cake? Explain your thinking and show your work

  • fractions -

    6 3/4 ÷ 26
    = 27/4 ÷ 26
    = mmmh, what do you think?

    each student is to have 26 quarters = 26/4 and
    we have 27/4 of them.
    (I'll take the extra piece)

  • fractions -

    26 students and each gets 1/4 cake.
    26 x 1/4 = 6 1/2 cales and Castor brought 6 3/4 cakes; therefore, he brought enough. There will be 1/4 cake left (enough for 1 more student).

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