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In order to sail through the frozen Artic Ocean, the most powerful icebreaker ever built was constructed in the former Soviet Union. At the heart of the ship's power plant is a nuclear reactor with a power output of 5.60X10^7 W (5.60 times ten to the power of seven W) How long will it take for this power plant to do 5.35X10^10 J (5.35 times 10 to the power of 10 J) of work?

This is a power=work/time problem and i don't know how to solve it. if you answer please explain how so that i can do the rest on my hw

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    1 watt = 1 J/second so the power plant of 5.60 x 10^7 watts = 5.60 x 10^7 J/second.

    5.60 x 10^7 J/s x ??seconds = 5.35 x 10^10 J. Solve for ?? seconds.

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