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4x^2/[(1.5-x)(2.0-2x)^2] =
= 2.72 x 10^11

solve for x

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    Rewrite it as
    4x^2 = (10.88 x 10^11)(1.5-x)(1-x)^2

    I graphicsl or iterative solution may be necessary, since this is a cubic equation. I suspect that the roots are very close to 1.5 and 1.0

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    you helped me with this chem ques and you got close to 1 how did u get it please help me?You end up with a cubic equation for x. You may have to solve it graphically. Take the root that is between 0 and 1.
    As x -> 1, the term on the left approaches
    4/[(0.5)(2-2x)^2 ] = 2.27*10^11
    2/(1-x)^2 = 2.27*10^11
    (1-x) = 3*10^-6
    x = 0.999997
    You are left with 0.500003 moles O2 and
    10^-5 moles CO (the limiting reactant). 1.99999 moles of CO2 are formed

    This reaction will, however, be very slow at room temperature. The reaction does not proceed kinetically as written, and requires some O or OH as a chain carrier.

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