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We compare a silicon chip to a nerve membrane, with silicon having (about) twice the dielectric constant of the nerve membrane. Which of the following statements is true?
A) 1cm^2 silicon chip has a higher capacitance than 1cm^2 nerve membrane.
B) 1cm^2 silicon has the same capacitance as 1cm^2 nerve membrane.
C) 1cm^2 silicon has a smaller capacitance than 1cm^2 nerve membrane
D) Nerve membranes do not make very useful capacitors.
E) We need more information to choose either of the three statements.

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    Just because a material has a dielectric constant, doesn't mean it is a capacitor. One has to have some method of removing or adding charges to the end plates.
    I would go with E. beer bottles have a nice dielectric constant, but that does not imply they are capacitors.

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