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I forgot to include the following statements.

1) Use the simple past when reporting historical events and the simple present when referring to the main events in a plot.
2) The fact that Hamlet refers to himself using adjectives such as dullo pigeon-livered is symbolic of his lack of self confidence (OR These adjectives are symbolic of his lack of ...?)
3) You referred to question number 4 when answering question number 1. Your paragraph is off the suject (or you wandered off the subject?)
4) Express yourself in your own words next time and do not cheat.
5) As I caught you cheating during the exam, I won't evaluate your paragraph at all. As a matter of fact, there is no attempt at expressing your ideas in a personal way (?)(at making your personal remarks on the subject??)
6) Hamlet wonders whether he had been a coward (and not has been) when he had the opportunity of killing Claudius but didn't take it.
7) When using an adjective in a paragraph, you don't have to rephrase its meaning in brackets.
8) An act made (or committed) in the name of freedom?
9) Never write things in brackets in your paragraph.
10) Why didn't you explain the meaning of "he had no gall in his liver"?

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    Get rid of all in parentheses except in #8.

    1 is OK

    2 -- get rid of "the fact that" --

    5 -- change "As" to "Because"

    8 -- "committed" is the correct word; also -- this is not a complete sentence. There is no predicate.

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