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My personal tutor for latin has set me a question asking me to translate a few words. Tuum honora genus, which is from a book im reading. I have used all the resources i have and translated it at Honour Your Blood.
Tuum meaning your
Honora meaning honour
Genus meaning Blood.

Honour your blood doesnt make any sence to me though, have I got it right?

Thanks so much for your time

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    Yes, it does make sense.... Think of "blood" in terms of heritage.

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    There are many, many meanings for the Latin word "genus" --
    race, descent, lineage, breed, stock, family

    So, yes, "tuum genus honora" can mean honor your lineage; honor your ancestors, honor your heritage -- but more in terms of people, that is, "your kind" -- those who came before you.

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    Haha I'm really embaressed, yes I see that now! Thanks so much.

    All the best

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