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Jack has 99 hot dogs and 261 hot dog buns. He wants to put the same number of hot dogs and hot dog buns on each tray. What is the greatest number of trays Jack can use to accomplish this?

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    Ok you know that there are only going to be able to be 99 hot dogs and 99 hot dog buns in order to make the problem work.

    99 + 99 = 198

    Then take 198 and divide by even numbers because you know that you will have to have 1 hot dog and 1 bun (2 together) to see how much is the most you will be able to put onto the trays.

    He can use 99 trays and have 1 hot dog and 1 hot dog bun.

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    Thank you for walking me through the problem. You are greatly appreciated:)

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