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Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences?
Can you also suggest to me a good site where to find the meaning of sentence connectors as well as exercises on their use in a context? Thank you very much for your help!

1) Prospero raises a tempest in order to have his brother's ship shipwreck on his enchanted island.
2) Actually, he was deposed by his brother since he loved magic more than the affairs of state.
3) The Duke of Milan and Ferdinand are travelling on the ship.
4) Ferdinand thinks his son had died (or had been dead?)though (?) he wonders through the island.
5) Desdemona confesses to (?) the court that she has freely gone (or had freely gone) with Othello and married him for love.
6) He tells him that they are having an affair. In order to prove it (?), he tells him that he used to wipe his brow with Desdemona's handkerchief.
7) Remember to use the simple presents when summarizing the main events in a plot.
8) Hamlet wonders at the first player's skill at conveying sorrow.
9) He fears what Caesar would become if he would turn into an absolute monarch.

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    At this site, you look up the items you want to check on -- alphabetically. For example, find the Transitions link for sentence connectors. You can also check on Conjunctions.

    #4 -- ...though he wanders...

    #7 -- ...simple present...

    #9 -- Look up sequence of tenses in that Index link: How would you rewrite this sentence?

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    Here's another good website/webpage that will help with transitions.

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