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What is Radius if Angle at centre is 150 and Arc length is 220

What is radius if Angle at centre is 270 and Area is 1848

What are area and Angle at circle if Radius is 14 and Arc length is 55

What is radius if Angle at centre is 75 and Area is 154

  • MATHS -

    arclength = radius x theta, where theta is the central angle in radians

    I will assume that your angle of 150 is 150º, which is 5pi/6 radians

    220 = r(5pi/6)
    r = 220(6/(5pi)) = 264/pi

    For the second
    Area of circle = pi(r^2)
    But 270º will give you 3/4 of the circle
    (3/4)pi(r^2) = 1848
    r^2 = 1848(4)/(3pi) = 2464/pi
    r = √(2464/pi)

    Try the other two, and let me know what you got.

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