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Can someone help me with this? I have a 2200 word research paper due and it is about abortion and the emotional and mwntal affect it has on women. I have the resources that I am to use but can not come up with anything. I am to make sure that there is a counterargument but that my argument is stronger. can i please get help on this?

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    This site may give you some help.

    Notice that one of the effects is regret! Of course! That's normal, but I wouldn't call "regret" a serious emotional and mental effect.

    Perhaps the strongest counterargument is that women keep having abortions despite the publicity given to the emotional, mental, and physical effects. I believe the reasons abortion rates have decreased is mainly because of the ready knowledge and availability of prevention methods.

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    Some of the negative effects come from "right to life" advocates who brand women who aborted as "killers," especially if they are family members or close friends of the woman.

    I hope this helps a little more.

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