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is answerly a free website?
and is allexperts . com free as well?
just wonderin because jiskha is the only good, best site i've heard to be from many people

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    I am not familiar with either of the sites you asked about. We think Jiskha is good and we're working to make it better.

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    I'd never heard of answerly, but I tried posting a question -- and found that the site will only take 20 or 25 words. I suspect that it will give you a free canned answer, but it will try to charge you for an individual answer.

    Allexperts seems to refer you to previously answered questions or websites. Apparently that service is free.

    Jiskha tutors answer questions directly -- sometimes with websites if appropriate, sometimes with explanations, but each question is read by at least two tutors who are experts in that field. That said, we have a few areas (accounting, finance) that we do not currently have tutors who are experts in those field.

    Try out all of the sites -- and you decide.

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    Thank You for your input. I'd like to add to the fact that Jiskha aint just good it's the best=D

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    Thank you! :-)

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    P.S do you know of any sites like Jiskha?

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    Frankly, no! I'm familiar with a couple of sites -- neither hold a candle to Jiskha.

    Google Homework Help and see what you find.

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    I agree with you Ms. Sue. In straightforward words I'll say--There's no better site than Jiskha. Jiskha ROCKS!!!!!!!

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    Yay!! :-)

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