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i went to a assembly today. it was quite boring, there wasn't that much excitement. I was like day dreaming in some parts of it.

teacher said that she wants me to expand and she wants it to start as a quote. i don't know how to do as quote.

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    You can use something someone said in the assembly. If you tell us more about the assembly, we can try to help you expand your paragraph and start with a quotation.

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    it was a sport type of assembly. some people came to cheer on sport players, give them courage and all, but i don't like sports so i didn't find it that interesting

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    Ahh -- I understand!

    You could start with a few words from a cheer or school song, such as --

    "We are the Hornets! We Can't be Beat!"

    Bah humbug!

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    what interesting title could i give to my work. i don't want it to be plain like the assembly. i want it to catch the readers attention

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    Rah! Rah! Bah!!

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