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Calculate the vapor pressure of water over each of the following ethylene glycol C2H6O2 solutions at 80 degree C (vp=pure water=657.6 mm Hg). Ethylene glycol can be assumed to be nonvolatile.

(a) X (ethylene glycol)= 0.288
(b) % ethylene glycol by mass =39%
(c) 2.42 m ethylene glycol

calculate a, b, c.

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    This is an exercise in Raoult's Law.

    If you have not heard of it, review:
    (Broken Link Removed)

    You will need the Mole Fraction X of each mixture. In (2), they have told you that X = 0.288, so the answer is
    0.288 * 657.6 mm Hg = _____

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    My answer was wrong for (a)

    The mole fraction of water is Xh2o = 1 - 0.288 = 0.712. Use that value in the formula

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    Could you provide a little bit more clues i am still confused.

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    Vapour pressure find formula

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