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math 4th grade

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Ken is about to eat a bag of M&M's on the 4th of July. The number of each color M&M is listed below.

Green 11
Red 8
Yellow 13
Tan 7
Brown 10
Blue 5

a)If Ken picks the first M&M out of the bag without looking. What is the chance he will pick a brown one to match his eyes?

b)What is the chance his first one will match a color in the America flag?

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    A.10 to 54 which simplifies to 5 to 27

    B.13 to 54

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    Number of browns: Nb=10
    Total number of M&M : N=11+8+13+7+10+5
    Probability of picking a brown = Nb/N

    Similar for the colours in the American flag:
    Total number of blue & red: Nf=5+8
    Probability : Nf/N

  • math 4th grade -

    a. 1/10
    b. 13/54

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