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with multiplying this:
I have:
8y^2(y^2-9)-9y(y^2-9)+3(y^-9) THEN
8y^2*y^2-9-9y*y^2-9+3*y^2-9.... THEN
8y^8 - 6 ???
I think that I am lost


    = 72y^4 - 81y^3 + 27y^2 - 72y^2 + 81y - 27
    (can you see what I did ?)
    = 72y^4 - 81y^3 - 45y^2 + 81y - 27

    (the y^2's were the only "like" terms )


    I wrote the problem wrong...
    Multiply (y^2)(8y^2-9y+3)
    then go with the first part of my 'THEN'


    Now it is easier

    just multiply the y^2 by each of the terms inside

    = 8y^4 - 9y^3 + 3y^2

    All done, since none of the terms are "like"


    and that's it??? That's right, it cannot be simplified b/c of no like terms!!!

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