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Volume and surface area

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A rectangular prism has a volume of 48 cubic feet and surface area of 88 square feet. what are its dimensions?
plz help me

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    There are many solutions possible. However, assuming you are doing factoring in math, we will limit ourselves with integral sides, i.e. the length of each side is an integer.

    If we factor 48 into its factors, we get:
    The possible sides formed by these factors, ignoring sides of unity (1), are:
    By trial and error, we start with
    2,3,8: V=48, A=2(2*3+3*8+8*2)=92 too big.
    We try sides that are more equal to each other:
    2,4,6: V=48, A=2(2*4+4*6+6*2)=88 OK
    So one possible solution for the sides is 2,4 and 6.

  • Volume and surface area -

    thx MathMate

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    You are welcome!

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