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"Spreading light...without taking part in the affairs of the world...seeing as a trap...all expantion into Africa or the Orient-for a great nation to live this way, believe me, less time than you may think, to sink from the first rank to the third and fourth."
-Jules Francois Camille Ferry, speech to the French
Chamber of Deputies, March 28, 1884

QUESTION-What activity is Ferry referring to when he speaks of "spreading light" into the world?

I believe he was talking about the Enlightenment. Please explain why my answer is right or wrong.


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    In the speech he states that they are spreading civilization to the uncivilized.

    "In a speech before the Chamber of Deputies on 28 July 1885, he declared that 'the superior races have a right because they have a duty: it is their duty to civilize the inferior races.'"

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