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I have been trying to solve this question, and I am not getting the right answer. I need to do Grouping 5x^3+5x^2-x+1

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    It is not an equation without an equal sign.

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    is call Factor by grouping

    I have done a couple of problems

    I got the answer
    I have done the same steps to solve this problem as well however I am not getting the answer please help me.

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    he/she said "I've been trying to solve this QUESTION" not equation :)

    it has been simplified already, you can't simplify it any further.

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    I need to solve the problem, factor by grouping.

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    I see no grouping to factor this. If the sign on the x term were +, it could be factored.

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    bobpursley, I am sorry I type one of the sign wrong. 5x^3-5x^2-x+1 this is how it should be read, I am sorry for the confusion.

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