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2. Bromine can be added to limonene to create a brominated compound.
The balanced equation is shown below. When 613 mg of limonene and
3.5 mL of a 10% (v/v) solution of Br2 in dichloromethane (a solvent) are
combined, 959 mg of the product is isolated. Calculate the percent yield
for this reaction.
3. If the limonene reactant described in question 2 is composed of a single
enantiomer, would you expect the product to be a single enantiomer or
racemic? Explain. (Donʼt overthink the question!)

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    For the first 2, convert products and reactants to moles and then see how many moles you put in vs how many moles you get out. this will give you your % yield.

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    *I meant to say for NUMBER 2.

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    .... try :


    .003239/.004999 then *100% = Percent yield

    =72% yield?

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