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with 1*10 to the power of 22 stars in the sky. I can't put 22 in small form above 10, so that's why I'm wording it by saying to the power. So:

with 1*10 to the power of 22 stars in the sky. List several factors that limit us to being able to see only about 2000 to 3000.

*shape of the galaxy
*size of the galaxy
*The sun's light
*light reflection from earth

These are the only factors I've come up with, more help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Dont the stars you see depend on where you are on Earth? After all, you can't see stars during the daylight, nor see them below the horizon.

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    *shape of the galaxy
    *size of the galaxy
    *The sun's light
    *light reflection from earth
    *light pollution

    But what would be the factors? I can't write lack of darkness during the day.

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