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As you suggested to me, I omitted all the question marks. Can you please check if all the sentences are grammatically correct?

1) Avoid repeating concepts over and over again and making personal. comments which you cannot substantiate.
2) Try to stick to the question. Don not wander/stray from the point.
3)Antony doesn’t care about the good of Rome. He is not concerned about/interested in the good of Rome 3.He has an important quality, namely he is able to move the crowd by his words.
4.Hamlet calls himself a dull and a coward since he is unable to stand for his cause.
5.He is a pigeon livered since he doesn’t resent being insulted.
6.The fact that Hamlet refers to himself using these adjectives is symbolic of his lack of self confidence. He doesn’t seem to trust himself.
7.Hamlet first wonders whether he is a coward, then where his sense of guilt comes from and finally who regards him as a villain when he has no courage to act.
8.Hamlet wonders whether he had been a coward when he had the opportunity of killing Claudius but he didn’t take it.
9.If someone broke God’s laws (law), many would suffer but in the end order would be restored.
10.They could find a solution to their problems in history.
11. If something bad was committed, the whole system plunged into chaos, but in the end order would be restored.
12. They thought all the universe was linked to God by a chain.

  • English -

    1. Get rid of the period = personal. comments
    2. Don not = typo, should be Don't or Do not
    3. about/interested in the = either about the OR interested in the
    4. a dull = here dull is adjective and it must have a noun, but you could drop "a" and just say "dull."
    5. is a pigeon livered = again drop "a" = he is pigeon-livered

    The rest look OK.


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