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A 355g sample of a saturated solution of KNO3(s) in water is prepared at 25.0 degrees C.
If 50g H2O is evaporated from the solution at the same time as the temperature is reduced from 25.0 to 0.0 degrees C, what mass of KNO3(s) will recrystallize?

i have no idea where to start.. it refers me to a graph which shows the g solute/100g h2o vs temperature.. and it looks like there is 15g kno3/100g h2o at 0 degrees and 37ish g at 25 degrees.. but i don't know what to do with this information

  1. DrBob222

    I don't have a chart so I can't help you. I posted something about the 1.48 m problem. Take a look and see if it looks reasonable.

  2. Ibrahim

    calculate of mass of KNO3 precipitated when a saturated solutions is coold from 82°c to 25°c

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