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How can we control inward migration of humans within the UK?

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    Provide jobs, community services, and social functions outside urban areas. Or provide good transportation from rural areas to urban centers so those urban things can be attained when needed. It is almost impossible to have an opera in a rural hamlet, however, if high speed rail service is available...

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    Sorry, i meant how could the british government control inward migration.

    It would be great if you could help me bobpursley. Thanks

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    Didn't I answer that question? Go back and read it.

    Now if you mean "control" as requiring internal passports, and checkpoints at city gates (as happened in East Germany in the 50's) that is another meaning of control.
    If one wants to keep people from moving from rural areas to urban areas,then what I laid out before it is very central to the things needed. Folks move to Urban areas for jobs, access to social services, and a sense of community functioning.

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    Yeah, its more the control as in East Germany. Im guessing it would be more rules and regualtion put in place by the government. But as to which rules and regulations, i am unsure. Sorry to be a pain.

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    I don't understand why you'd want to control inward migration in any ways other than the ones Bobpursley suggested. Democracies do not force people to live anywhere. I certainly don't want rules and regulations to tell me where to live.

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    Try some of the sites in this GOOGLE Search:


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