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Can you please tell me if the following statements are correct. In particular, if the ones in parentheses are also possible? Thank you.
1. Hamlet’s father is described/defined/delieneated/portrayed/represented/outlined as a murderer, a villain, a slave, a vice of King and a pickpocket of the Empire.
2. He asks himself (wonders) how the first player could convey such a sorrow for a person he doesn’t even know.
3. Stick to the simple present when referring to the description of the two kings. Remember to include the “s” in the third person singular.
4. Hamlet realizes that he hasn’t taken action because he knows that everything he does will take to death (correction: he knows that any action he may take will cause/bring about his death either by suicide or as a retribution for killing Claudius)
5. He wonders whether or not there will be something after death.
6. He is reluctant to take his own life because he is doubtful whether or not there will be something after death.
7.If there is something after death, he (or his life?) will continue to be full of doubts and worries. If there is nothing, then it is better to die because all his worries will end.
8. Antony is able to transform the conspiracy from an action for freedom (or committed in the name of freedom) into a murderous crime.

  • English -

    1. described

    2. He wonders

    3. (fine)

    4. ...everything he does will lead to his own death...

    5. (fine)

    6. (fine)

    7. ...he might continue...

    8. (delete the stuff in parentheses)

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