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Ok.. we are doing a project on the 6 principles of Karma(which I will list), and we have to find examples of these karmas from Marian's biography. We have to have 6 examples of each with cause and effect. I have a few so far but can you see if they are right. Thanks.

Principles of Karma

1. We reap what we sow(positive=positive, negative=negative)

2. Life is all about choices

3. Choices have consequences. Your heart always knows the right answer.

4. Spontaneous people affect you and others positively.

5. Comfort in heart=right gut feeling. Follow your heart. Discomfort=wrong.

6. Pay your past karma (learn from them, meditate on, think about it, and make up for it.)

Now here are some of the examples I found from her biography that relate to this principles.

3rd principle
Cause: Tried to make a choice to attend Philadelphia's Music Academy which was an all white school.
Effect: But was turned away because of her color.

4th principle
Cause: Alexander Robinson Union Baptist's Senior Choir director (a professional musician) appreciated Marian's expectional talents which influenced her career for singing.
Effect: Started performing with the junior choir and he made her feel comfortable singing as contralto.

5th principle
Cause: Marian continued to perform wherever she could and learned from anyone who was willing to teach her.
Effect: Learned more with their teachings.

4th principle
Cause: Reverend Wesley Parks along with other leaders of the black community blended together to help out Marian.
Effect: Helped her raise money to get singing lessons with Mary S. Patterson and to attend South Philadelphia High School from which she graduated in 1921.

4th principle
Cause: Benjamin Anderson (her grandfather) always took a stand for things that were important to him. She would remember his determination throughout her life.
Effect: That's what made her take stands in her future.

2nd principle
Cause: When she studied for months with Mme Charles Chaier
Effect: She launched a highly successful European singing tour.

1st principle
Cause: The racial prejudice prevented her career from gaining much momentum
Effect: Later on in her life she wound up being discovered, and became very famous.

1st principle
Cause: When Marian worked with Mme Charles Cahier her career didn't go as far because she was studying but later a man named Sol Hurok offered her another contract that was better.
Effect: Later on she started to become more successful that she toured all over and was offered oprea roles.

1st principle
Cause: Because Marian had a lack of acting experience and didn't take the time to learn.
Effect: She had to decline all the offers.

4th Principle
Cause: Marian's talent was noticed by Roland Hayes an internationally known African American tenor.
Effect: When Hayes and many others encouraged Marian to broaden her horizons, she then began to perform out of town concerts.

3rd principle
Cause: Marian started singing in churches and choirs which helped her become discovered.
Effect: It made her life famous but also made her a threat to white people.

5th principle
Cause: Fortunately for future generations of music lovers, Marian didn't give up.
Effect: Despite her concerns about what the future might hold in the way of disappointments Marian Anderson had inherited from her mother the quiet and small Anna Anderson, and a strength of detemination and faith.

1st principle
Cause: Daughters of the Ameican Revolution refused to let Marian sing to a integrated audience in Constitutional Hall. Marian could have spoke up but she let it go.
Effect: But instead her manager arranged a concert on the Lincoln Memorial steps. She sang "America," where 75,000 people of many ethnic backgrounds came, and this became a very famous day.

4th principle
Cause: Lucy Wilson insisted on Marian to audition to Giuseppe Boghetti, who had studios in New York and Philadelphia.
Effect: At first he didn't have time for the audition, but when Marian began singing, "Deep River" Boghetti shed in tears and wanted to make room for her right away.

4th principle
Cause: Joseph Pasternak who was the conductor of Philadelphia's Philarmanic Society Group noticed Marian.
Effect: After signing a contract she became the first African American perfomer to record spirituals for a major U.S. recording company.

1st principle
Cause: Without some sort of management support for her career.
Effect: It was nearly impossible for Marian to make the kind of serious contracts she needed in the musicial communities beyond Philadelphia.

6th principle
Cause: When Orpheus Fisher, her only true romance was tired of waiting for Marian to change her mind about marriage.
Effect: He instead married another woman, and Marian felt heartbroken.

2nd principle
Cause: When her performance at Town Hall was a disaster.
Effect: She started to question whether or not she had the ability to pursue a career as a professional singer.

2nd principle
Cause: With the financial problems in her family, Marian decided that she didn't want to perform any longer.
Effect: Her mother encouraged her to go back the singing and she did.

3rd principle
Cause: Marian hoped by joining the well-known Judson from she would not only increase the number of her concert perfomances, but her income as well.
Effect: Unfortunately, the experience was for the most part a disappointment. In fairness, the fault was not entirely Judsons. American was stuggling with the economic hardships of the Great Depression.

3rd principle
Cause: Due to the Great Depression.
Effect: It meant fewer tours, more months of inactivitiy, and less income for Marian Anderson.

5th principle
Cause: Marian sailed for Europe and traveled to Berlin.
Effect: She finally began to start her fomal study of German lieder so she could start singing in German.

2nd principle
Cause: With her European tour with her successful accompantist, Kosti Vehanen.
Effect: She received so much money that her financial situation was ending.

1st principle
Cause: From studying German, and other languages.
Effect: Her tours, and career became a major success.

2nd principle
Cause: By signing with Hruok, a successful promoter.
Effect: she had to end her partnership with Billy King.

2nd principle
Cause: At first, Marian was reluctant to perform at the Linclon Memorial.
Effect: After seekikng her mothers opinion and giving it a great deal of thought she finally accepted.

2nd principle
Cause: From her decision at the Lincoln Memorial.
Effect: It marked a turning point in the lives of the countless African Americans but also transformed the attitude of many whites toward racial discrimination.

5th principle
Cause: Rumors were spreading about Marian's imprending marriage with Orpheus Fisher.
Effect: She couldn't decide if marrying him could effect her career.

6th principle
Cause: With the award of a $10,000 check.
Effect: She used the money to establish the Marian Anderson Scholarship Fund to assist young vocalists with their continuing studies.

  • Project on Marian Anderson -

    This looks to me like you have done good research and excellent reasoning.

    I can remember how angry I was when a influential women's organization refused to let her sing. She was a fabulous artist. I hope you have had the opportunity to listen to some of her recordings.

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    was it really hard

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