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college physics

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In a pickup game of dorm shuffleboard, students crazed by final exams use a broom to propel a calculus book along the dorm hallway. If the 3.5 kg book is pushed from rest through a distance of 0.88 m by the horizontal 25 N force from the broom and then has a speed of 1.63 m/s, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the book and floor?

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    Work done by broom = Kinetic energy increase + work done against fraction

    Compute the friction work using that equation. Divide it by the distance moved to get the friction force. Use that to get the friction coefficient

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    m = 3.5kg
    x = 0.88m
    f = 25N
    speed = 1.63m/s
    coefficient of kinetic friction = ?
    we know, fk=fnormal*coefficient of kinetic friction
    where fk = kinetic frictional force
    so, fk= mg*coefficient
    so applying the equation
    a= 1.1m/s^2
    so, ma=3.5*9.8*coefficient
    cefficient= 0.11

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