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Can you help me check these are five sentences, please? Thanks a lot

1) When I was a child, in a hot afternoon my father went fishing with one of his friends.
2) They went there with their own cars (?) and when they were on their way to (?) home on a road which passed through a little wood, my dad saw after a curve a very big roar who was crossing the road.
3) He suddenly jammed on the brakes but he couldn’t avoid to (?) smash into the animal.
4) Then his friend, that was right after him, smashed into my father’s car. After that, the boar ran away even if it had just been hit by a car, which unluckily was completely damaged.
5) The car was damaged too but my father and his friend could use it to reach home.
6) Once arrived home, they called a break down (?) van that could go and get the destroyed car.

  • English -

    1. on a hot afternoon

    2. on their way home.....roar? What is that?

    3. couldn't avoid smashing into the animal

    4. OK - #2 must be "boar"

    6. Once they arrived home...break-down van? a tow truck?


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