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How many moles of oxygen are there in 23.5g of H2SO4? (numbers are subscripts)How many oxygen atoms? How many grams of oxygen?

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    23.5 g H2SO4 = ?? moles.
    23.5/98 = ?? moles H2SO4.

    There are 4 moles O atoms in 1 mole H2SO4; therefore, moles H2SO4 x 4 = ??

    There are 6.02 x 10^23 atoms in a mole of atoms; therefore, # moles oxygen atoms x 6.02 x 10^23 atoms = ??

    grams oxygen = moles oxygen x 16 g/mole = ??

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    MASS OF OXYGEN IN 23.5g of H2SO4=2(M of oxygen)/M of H2SO4
    =0.33 grams

    n=0.32g/16 g/mol
    n=0.02 moles

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    number of oxygen atoms=number of moles(Avogadro's constant)=0.02moles( 6.02*10^23)
    =1.22............... you know

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