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A 2.5 kg block of ice at a temperature of 0.0 degrees Celcius and an initial speed of 5.7 m/s slides across a level floor. If 3.3 x 10^5 J are required to melt 1.0 kg of ice, how much ice melts, assuming that the initial kinetic energy of the ice block is entirely converted to the ice's internal energy?

(Our teacher doesn't teach us, plus I'm not really geared towards physics. Any help provided would be appreciated.)

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    What does your teacher do?

    Compute the initial kinetic energy (KE) of the ice using
    KE = (1/2) M V^2
    You should get 40.6 Joules

    Divide that by 3.3*10^5 J/kg to get the number of kg's that melt.

    Very little ice melts compared to the mass of the block. No energy goes into raising the temperature because it stays at 0C until it all melts.

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    I almost forgot to thank you :)

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