7th grade essay writing

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my teacher is having us write a 6 paragraph essay about problems, i'm having trouble writing it.

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    I'll try to give you a few pointers.
    Okay, so when writing an essay, you need an introduction and a conclusion. From what I've learned you must have a thesis, which is an angled or slightly opinionated statement, in your first paragraph (normally it's the last sentence in the intro, but follow whatever instructions your teacher if he/she says otherwise). Then, in the in next 4 paragraphs, your body paragraphs, you must add supporting details to back up your way of thinking expressed in the thesis. This is where you quote characters' dialogue or behavior (if this is an essay on a book) or scientific data (if this is an essay on science or math or something like that) or even historical info (if this is an essay on history). The conclusion should sum up the points you have made in the preceding body paragraphs, and add a little more insight on your position, as well as restate, not copy, your thesis. I hope this helped you. PEACE.

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    Oh, and if it helps, handwrite a bulleted outline before you write it. It might help you organize your thoughts a little better. Good luck.

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    What problems are you writing about?

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    thanks for the helpp i finished it

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    i need a eassy to write

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    you mamma is so fat when god wanted to light up the earth she formed the solar eclipse

  • 7th grade essay writing -


  • 7th grade essay writing -

    hi i learned how to write essays at colleage who needs help ?

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    What's with the stupid mama joke?

  • 7th grade essay writing -

    may mw3 live everyone

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